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Welcome to a World of new possibilities

The WOW intra oral scanner brings you to a multidisciplinary world with no barrier between orthodontics, implantology, and prosthetics.


With a simplified grip, the scanner guides you to the orthodontics practice. From an impression taken in a few minutes, you adress a digital file directly to our planning and manufacturing center for invisible aligners Smilers®.

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WOW scan

a helping
hand to

In collaboration with the Smilers® orthodontists, you elaborate a treatment plan to give the patient back his power of smiling.

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WOW brings you to a limitless prosthetic universe. From the WOW digital impressions, you can access to the revolution of the removable prostheses made in France: Dentifit®. In a few simple steps, you send the .stl file to Circle®. Thanks to its artificial intelligence software Lucy®, you design a treatment plan in collaboration with your laboratory.

prosthesis prosthetics


In a few clicks, and only 2 appointments, you offer a revolutionary prosthetic solution to your patient.


It’s time
the future

WOW gives you access to all Biotech Dental’s implant solutions. With a specific scan body, you digitally enter the position, inclination and orientation of the implant reflecting the rest of the teeth and soft tissues. This allows to design custom-made abutments and prosthetic components perfectly adapted to the morphology of your patient.

implant born crown
Biotech logo tooth born crown
Dr Mayte Garcia TRUJILLO, Madrid, SPAIN

Incorporating new digital tools to the clinic is never easy, but when they are part of our day to day we see how they make us more efficient. Obtaining digital models through the WOW scanner is quick and easy, in addition to greatly facilitating communication with our team and our patients.


Patient are afraid from us and our tools. Go smaller, Go quieter, choose WOWSCAN.

Dr Dario ULMAN, Madrid, SPAIN

With WOW, we made a jump to digital dentistry. Speed, convenience and an extraordinary sales tool by allowing a direct and visual communication with the patient.

Dr Scarlet VEGAS

The quality and accuracy of the WOW scan allows me to provide better patient care, demonstrated by successful treatments and satisfied patients. 


The intraoral scanner WOW helps me very much in my every day dental practice to overcome the difficulties of the conventional impression techniques providing me easier planning of treatment, case acceptance, communication with laboratories, especially after the development of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry, reducing operative time, storage requirements, and reducing treatment times.

MSI GS65 designed and developed
specially for WOW

  • Powerful and fast: Intel® Core ™ i7-8750H processor
  • High performance: cooling adapted to the activity
  • High resolution screen: full HD 144Hz
  • Design: aluminum frame
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an opening on
infinite potential

  • Diagnosis aid & communication
  • Medico-legal
  • Esthetic
  • Tooth and implant-borne crown
  • Orthodontics
  • Removable prosthesis
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The scan that
gives you the best

  • Accurate and intuitive
  • Complete digital workflow
  • Open and evolutive system
  • Free updates